• Atlas The Giant Destroyer, 4 Tubes, 1.75 Oz


  • 4 tubes per card. cartridge can be instantly extinguished with water
  • Gas cartridge kills rats, gophers, ground hogs, skunks, ground squirrels and moles
  • Rapid gas killer for tunneling and burrowing rodents and animals in their holes, tunnels and burrows


Atlas Chemical Corp Giant Destroyer Cartridge Rodent Gasser is made from natural organic substances and contains no poisons for a good earth compatible pest control that is biodegradable. The peggable gasser is specially designed to kill burrowing and tunneling animals such as moles in their natural habitat. Conveniently formulated to offer 2 times larger than similar products covering 3 times the gassing area. Available in a 1.75 oz , 4 pack and includes blister display card. EPA# 10551-1, Canadian PCP Domestic #12269

Atlas The Giant Destroyer, 4 Tubes, 1.75 Oz

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